Cold Drink Dispensers

Mixer type

Unlike other drink mixers, the Stirrer System comes with a low speed paddle system driven by gearbox for the delicate mixing of drinks. This enables acidic drink products like orange, lime, lemon etc, and milk-based and soybean based products to stay fresher longer.
*Suitable for all types of drinks

Spray type

The spray System carries a fast and unique cooling feature known as the Direction Expansion System that enables a larger amount of drink products to cool faster with minimum oxidization. It is also visually pleasing with its fountain effect.
*Not Suitable for heavy density drinks (Examples of heavy density drinks: Milo, Coffee, Milk, Soya Bean, Fresh Lime/Orange)

Commercial Refrigeration

Upright Chillers & Freezers

Delivering Superior Performance To The Customers.

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Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

A Perfect Combination Of Refrigerator And Work Table In One Unit.

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Ice Machine

Flomatic’s ice-maker machines are designed specifically for the F&B industry. It incorporates advanced designs; but yet is easy to install and operate. To meet the demands for environmentally friendly products, we have used R404A refrigerant – the cooling agent known to be ozone friendly.


Slush Machine